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Web App Development Services

Code Inspiration is a full-stack web development company with a vast experience acquired in a wide number of performed projects. Our team is ready to offer you expert web application development and web design services. We have excellent staff able to accomplish your requirements.

Focusing on engaging design, applying the appropriate web development frameworks and programming languages, we are able to make your future product interactive, approachable and functional with the following web development services:


  Website and Web Portals


  Landing pages


  Social networks


  CRM/ERP systems

Web Development Services

Being a web application development company, we create digitally transformative feature packed solutions with a high-level usability to contribute to your confident competitiveness in the market.

Web Portals

Our strong point is corporate portal development. Our team possesses the needed knowledge to help you with the development of web interface for access to corporate data, applications, etc. You can create virtual workspaces for given projects, departments or institutions in virtual environment. Such features as online CV, time-limit access control or portfolio management can be added.


Realize that your CRM no longer contributes to the productivity of your business? Need scalable features? Your requirements go far beyond the existing CRM systems? Develop your own CRM with us, and you won’t need to deal with off-the-shelf software limitations. Put your business workflows in order, study your customers’ behavior and increase your sales indicators just now.


With markets becoming more competitive, it is wise let technologies give you the right advantage. Make your enterprise’s inner processes well-structured with your own ERP to fulfill key challenges and achieve targeted goals. Our team is ready to transform your business digitally. Let us demonstrate how we are able to deliver our software product development services for you.


CMS (content management system) enables content modification, that’s why it is crucial to make it user-friendly to avoid any difficulties when users interact with it. It used to be that a large part of code was developed for CMS functionality. Currently, Drupal and WordPress have greatly mitigated this problem. So now any CMS can be taken as a base for an application, and any required functionality can be added over them.

Specific Solutions

Need to solve specific business challenges? Our professionals will help you to define your concrete requirements to develop an effective tool for you. Our software developers, as well as designers are at your disposal to offer you a wow-effect design and flawless code to integrate them into a brilliant solution. For us, there is always a possibility of personalization and modification on your request.

Single Page Apps

What a single page app developed by a competent team can do for you, is boost your business operation. According to the recent studies, responsive and fast-loading pages are much more attractive for users. SPAs are critical for Travel, eCommerce and eLearning, etc. industries. Our developer team builds eye-catching responsive web apps powered by the proven user-friendly JavaScript.

Industry expertise

Our knowledge and capabilities help us to address business challenges irrespective the industry of operation. We have already added value to businesses in the following spheres of operation:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Sport
  • Trading services
  • Retail
  • Professional services
  • Entertainment industry

Web Application Development Process

Our custom web development services are notable for our development methods, innovative technologies and excellent team. Through our special approach to architecture planning, we achieve the right balance between front-end and back-end parts, making them both viable and reliable. Nowadays web development solutions have lots of perspectives to serve business needs.

Web App development process

Requirement Analysis

The quality of your future product is heavily dependent on a deep understanding of your business needs. Get prepared for deep interviews to have a clear picture of what you do and what you expect to achieve, i.e. your brand position, target audience, current and expected customers, your preferred technologies and other details. Only having full understanding of future needs and goals of the future software, we begin to write code. This approach ensures project deliverables are top quality.

Web Design

Either for web app development, website or portal, a collective effort of software developers and designers is important. Our professionals have a vast experience in creating visually attractive but at the same time functional web design. With our outstanding web design and web developer services you will be far ahead of your competitors. Create your prominent, notable design with no performance compromise.

Achieve your clear business goals with Code Inspiration. Build your unique website, web app or portal and take advantage of our distinguished designing service, tailored exclusively for your project needs.

Frontend Development

User’s growing demands make us constantly upgrade our skills. Boost your customer experience with our sharp design and smart functionality.
Languages and techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery.
Frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS + Redux, VueJS, Bootstrap, Foundation.

Backend Development

We thoroughly select back-end development tools according to each customer’s requirements. We pay special attention when developing the core of your future app.
Languages: PHP, Java Java Script (NodeJS).
Frameworks: Symfony, Laravel, Django, Pyramid.
CMS: WordPress, Drupal.

Testing & Deployment

Our attentive QA engineers perform testing tasks to make sure your product runs flawlessly across any devices. We cover all of the software testing needs, including performance, security and functionality. Thorough testing process is followed by the deployment stage, when the tested approved software product is released into a live environment: we deploy code to production server and wait for your positive feedback.