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Dedicated Team Model

For custom software development services, Code Inspiration offers dedicated software developers’ teams and outstaffing options. We offer dedicated software developers and teams to work exclusively on your projects just like your in-house team.

Dedicated team business model in IT sphere implies outsourcing IT professionals to satisfy client’s business demand. A separate team of programmers is formed to fully concentrate on a company’s project, while the client has full management control over the software development team.

Dedicated team outsourcing model is preferably used for long-term projects with frequent scope of the project changes and unclear requirements, while outstaffing model lets you strengthen the inner team and in this way to contribute to building project’s specific solution.

Augment your own team with a pool of Technical Resources for software development purposes. Deliver more with the same budget using a dedicated team model. Build a team dedicated to your unique requirements with Code Inspiration professional assistance.

Dedicated team and outstaffing services

When the time to have a massive IT work done comes, this calls for some serious decision making. It is important to consider all the options like a dedicated team or outstaffing. Code Inspiration designed its own approach to greatly reduce your overhead and provide outstanding quality, high results and customer satisfaction level for each milestone of the project. According to your requirements, you can decide on the most appropriate model of our cooperation with a preferred degree of monitoring and involvement.

Dedicated team

Get your easy access to the state-of-the art technologies and involve world-class IT-professionals into your project. Keep team members allocated to your project and enjoy the work being done. Save up your time, because with us you will quickly progress into a delivery plan than in-house internal recruitment teams can build. Receive both the source code and the deployed product. Grow your business and focus on your internal issues. We are flexible. Need 3+ developers? Get more! We can also provide you with a technical manager and a QA team that has all the devices for testing at their disposal. We apply the latest tracking tools to keep you updated on the project status.


Code Inspiration company also offers outstaffing services. The general mechanism of outstaffing is as follows: your company hires the outstaffer’s employees, who continue working at their regular workplace, but basically «change» their employer. To be precise and concise, these are IT and software development professionals (e.g. QA and testing professionals, designers and developers) who work on the tasks that you give directly. That’s the main difference from dedicated team outsourcing. Stop recruiting, start developing with Code Inspiration now!

Why dedicated development

Dedicated team could be the best fit for the companies that indicated the necessity of scaling up their development resources without enlarging the number of internal staff. So that not to unreasonably enlarge the number of staff, outsourcing may be the best way out. Receive a complex support of you project with no need to tackle employment issues, HR record keeping, etc.

Actually, It outsourcing services, as well as dedicated team and outstaffing models are perfect way-out for businesses operating in specific areas far from software development but requiring software developers’ support.

We are ready to adapt to your business environment and satisfy your highest expectations. Through our 10+ year of experience in working with different types of clients from a wide range of business spheres (Betting, custom CRM, custom ERP, Trading, Education, Food & Delivery, etc.), we have elaborated a special strategy to make sure we are able to add value to what you do. What’s more, everyday stand ups have become a must for our staff members, done to polish the product you’re seeking to deliver to the market.

We are also ready to offer you our services for maintenance of the developed product, as well as support, in case the need for further development is indicated. Signing of SLA (Service Level Agreement) is also possible: if necessary, our team carries out both maintenance and support for you.

Whom You Can Hire?

Seek to ramp up your development resources? Our custom software development services include a dedicated team option, which is a highly controllable, economically efficient and just simple for you model of partnering with Code Inspiration. Use our skilled pool of dedicated developers.

Android Developers
  • Languages: Kotlin, Java SE (including ANSI C)
  • Stack: Android SDK and NDK, RXJava, Google Api’s, Fabric, FCM/GCM, REST Api, WebSocket.
  • Frameworks: RetroFit, Dagger2, Gradle.
  • Database: SQLite, Realm, FireBase, ORMLite.
iOS Developers
  • Languages: Kotlin, Java SE (including ANSI C)
  • Stack: Android SDK and NDK, RXJava, Google Api, Fabric, FCM/GCM, REST Api, WebSocket.
  • Frameworks: RetroFit, Dagger2, Gradle.
  • Database: SQLite, Realm, FireBase, ORMLite.
React Native Developers
  • Frameworks: React Native, Ionic
  • UI: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript
  • Key Libs: Redux, Redux-thunk, Redux-saga
Front-end Developers
  • JavaScript Frameworks: Angular, React, JQuery
  • UI: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript
  • Front End Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, UIKit
  • RESTful Services and APIs
Back-end Developers
  • PHP: WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Codeigniter, Symphony, laravel, etc.
  • Java: Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Event Bus, Hazelcast, etc.
  • Node.js
QA Experts

Functional testing, Performance testing, Usability testing, Compatibility testing


We use tracking systems (e.g., Jira) to empower you with the direct access to our team’s tasks.

No hidden fees

Fixed monthly costs make it possible for you to have the full picture of your budget and investments into your project.

High-level communication

Regular status reports and easy communication via Skype or other channels.


if required, operations can be rapidly scaled up in case you have indicated some additional requirements.

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